Clean Master 7.6.5 License Code For Windows & Mac

What is the Overview of Clean Master?

Clean Master License Code is an app that will keep your Android smartphone clean and running smoothly. You may erase the cache from your smartphone and thoroughly clean the phone’s history using its various optimization capabilities. Among the several tools available on Clean Master Crack Cleaner are the task killer, which allows you to remove any unneeded activity that runs in the background and slows down the device, and the residual file cleaner, which removes all leftover files after uninstalling an application.

Clean Master 7.4.9 Crack With Activation Key Full Download

Other noteworthy features include the ability to clear your browser and calling history, as well as control the apps loaded on your device, similar to Windows ‘uninstall and alter programs’ option. Clean Master For Pc License key is a very handy tool for keeping your device clean and optimal at all times. It not only allows you to free up memory space, but it also allows you to have a quicker and better gadget.

This program is an app that helps you maintain and keep your Android smartphone functioning smoothly. Because of installation and stored data bloat, unoptimized caches, huge histories, and so on, Android devices might suffer from poor performance over time. Clean Master For Pc Crack exists to assist you in keeping such issues under control without having to do a factory reset and resync every few months.

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How Do We Use Clean Master Free To Use?

The application is completely free to use and provides a variety of optimization methods. It may assist you in terminating and disabling jobs, as well as managing apps that run at startup. Clean Master Activation Key may look for files that are no longer in use or are too huge. It may assist in identifying installed programs that you no longer use and then uninstalling them. It also removes caches and temporary files. They’ll return, of course, but this keeps them in check since many applications don’t optimize that area.

It has a lightweight antivirus solution that can identify and remove viruses. It also offers a boost function that improves several of your phone or tablet’s settings with a single click. Clean Master Driver Booster License key can also assist you with your personal data. On-demand, clear your browsing, call, and other records. When you uninstall an app, it will go behind the scenes and remove any remnant files. Residual files are a major source of storage consumption growth.

There are no recovery options in the app. It won’t do anything until you give it permission, but if you grant it permission and then change your mind, you could be out of luck. As a result, it’s critical to exercise caution while using this application and never remove anything until you’re certain you don’t need it.

Is Clean Master a good antivirus?

Use the Download Clean Master Pro Full Crack phone cleaning app to expedite the process. This programme will delete all old garbage files and propose deeper cleans to make your phone run faster. It will give you a detailed summary of all the files it wishes to remove, as well as how much space will be freed up.

The first scan begins with removing ‘junk,’ which includes cached files and data no longer required by programs such as Facebook and all other Social Media apps. The program frees up storage space on your phone in this manner, which may boost speed by cleaning and simplifying data.

Despite 43 million reviews on the Google Play Store, the majority of which are good, the judgment is still divided on whether optimization applications like CleanMaster assist or hinder system performance. Clean Master Cracked For Pc is a popular Android junk-cleaning and system optimization utility, with features ranging from social networking app notification management to a specialized WhatsApp scrubber.

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Clean Master 7.4.9 Crack With Activation Key Full Download

What are the Main Features of Clean Master?

Junk Files:

  • You will be able to delete all the garbage of old and cached files using this. Junk files are useless files on your device. Junk files include transient or inactive files. They take up space in your storage yet are seldom utilized. The software will scan and propose to eliminate trash files. You may remove all of them or only the ones that belong to a certain program.

Phone Boost:

  • The phone boost option will calculate the amount of RAM that can be cleaned. It will also measure the CPU temperature and activate the CPU cooling feature, which identifies and shuts down heavy apps to minimize the burden on the processor. Minimal RAM consumption will help lower the temperature of your phone.


  • The antivirus function checks installed programs and find potentially hazardous files (e.g., apps that break into the system). It outlines the specific damage that the identified app may do to the device and suggests viable solutions. This is usually done by uninstalling the software.

CPU Cooler:

  • This function operates on the same principles as the phone boost. Examining and reducing the use of RAM-intensive applications. Shutting them down to reduce the phone temperature.

Battery Saver:

  • Saving power with a single click allows you to identify programs that may be using energy in the background. In the event of a low battery, you may disable unnecessary programs. This is important since you can simply shut off programs from the same dashboard rather than doing it manually.

Notification Center:

  • Tired of those annoying notifications? Simply go to the Notification Center in Clean Master to disable annoying popups.


  • Cleans files, caches, history, and more.
  • Removes programs and leftover files.
  • Antivirus protection


  • There are few recovery alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS):

Why was Clean Master removed from Play Store?

  • It was discovered in 2014 that adverts promoting Clean Master attempted to frighten users into installing the program by displaying pop-ups claiming a virus had infected their device. In 2018, the company was accused of ad fraud, which resulted in Google banning all of Cheetah Mobile’s apps from the Play Store.

Is Clean Master a good antivirus?

  • Clean Master will enhance the speed of your smartphone by clearing trash files, optimizing device memory, giving comprehensive malware protection, and managing the programs you have loaded. Clean Master, the greatest Android mobile cleaner and booster, can improve your phone’s performance while also keeping it clean and safe.
  • Clean Master is intended to clear up as much space as possible while being safe for your device. After you give it permission, the software performs an excellent job of locating superfluous files and folders. Fortunately, the cleaning function offers detailed information about the folders it has recommended for deletion.

Are phone cleaner apps safe?

  • Android users may want to think twice before installing free applications to clean their phones and “guard” them against infections, according to the Cybernews research team, since many of them include data trackers and some even seem to have ties to potentially dangerous URLs.

Clean Master License Key:






System Requirements:

  • It is a little program that uses fewer resources.
  • 100 MB of disc space is sufficient for installation and other activities.
  • Intel Pentium 4 or similar processor
  • Almost all versions of Windows, including Windows 11, are supported.
  • Driver updates need an Internet connection.

How To Activate Clean Master?

  1. Click on the software’s Download link.
  2. Download the link from the URL provided below.
  3. Wait for the download procedure to finish.
  4. Save all of the program’s files to your device.
  5. Then do the setup.
  6. Complete the installation by following the instructions.
  7. Insert the activation keys to finish this operation.
  8. When the installation is finished, click the Finish button.
  9. It is entirely installable on Android smartphones.
  10. This should just take a few seconds.
  11. This programme is now complete and ready for usage.
  12. Enjoy the full version for free.

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